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Choosing the Ideal Mattress

Why memory foam?

According to research, memory foam tops all mattress types concerning user's satisfaction. Memory foam mattress provides both comfort and support because of its capacity to conform to our body's contours and curves. This property allows this mattress type to reduce muscle pain while asleep.

One of the common complaints of memory foam sleepers is the mattress type's tendency to trap heat. Bedding Stock addresses them by infusing a gel layer that cools down the mattress’ temperature.

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How to know the best memory foam mattress model for me?

Your ideal mattress depends on the comfort and support that your body gets from sleeping on it. Comfort is subjective while the support your get is based on the firmness of your mattress.

Your sleeping style also determines which mattress firmness level fits you. Ideally, back sleepers often get the most support from a medium-to-firm, stomach sleepers from a medium, and side sleepers from a medium-to-soft mattress.

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How to know the ideal mattress size?

Choosing the best mattress size relies on the number of people sleeping on it, your bedroom area and your personal comfort. for couples, the minimum is the Queen size.

But in general, the more spacious the mattresses, the more comfortable it is.

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Buying a mattress

How to order?

If you already have a particular model in mind

Visit our Mattress Collection page. Find the model you want to buy and click VIEW PRODUCT. You will then be directed to the product page of the model you want to buy. In the product page, click the mattress size and determine the quantity then click the ADD TO CART button.

Then click the shopping cart button at the upper right corner of the page and click the CHECKOUT button.

Enter the Billing Information, choose the Shipping Method, enter the Discount Code of the promo in effect, and choose the Payment Method. Then, after double-checking, click the Place Order button to finalize your order.

If still undecided on which Bedding Stock mattress model to buy.

Visit our Mattress Finder page to know the ideal mattress for you. After finding our the best mattress model for you, click the ADD TO CART button to order.

Mattress Finder

How to return a Bedding Stock mattress?

If you are unsatisfied with our mattress, just contact us on 1(888)732-7197 or email us at support@beddingstock.com and our customer service representatives will give you step-by-step Instruction on how to return your mattress.

How to get discounts using coupon code?

Once you reach the Checkout page, just key in the coupon code (e.g. SALE20) of the promo
in effect. The breakdown of the pricing will be displayed before you check out.
Mattress maintenance

How to take care of my mattress?

As our mattresses are made up of foam layers, you need to use it with extra care to extend its lifespan. Make sure it has a firm and robust support. You must also vacuum it regularly to avoid accumulating dirt and insect infestation.

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How to get rid of the bad smell

The materials used in producing memory foam mattresses emit bad smell coming from volatile organic compound (VOC) that can last for a while. To reduce this unpleasant odor, place it in an area where the air is circulating. You can also sprinkle baking soda on your newly unpacked mattress or place in your room a bowl of white vinegar that would absorb the odor.

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