How popular mattress brands sell you sleep.

Third party mattress
review sites like Sleepopolis, Memory Foam Talk, etc.

Are heavily incentivized to write positive and favorable reviews.

Have secret business deals with the brands they're reviewing.

Get paid for every mattress sold through affiliate links on their blog.

With the competition to sell you a mattress online heating up by the day, most mattress brands spend a lot of money on paid-for mattress review blogs for their products to rank and have good publicity. Little do consumers know that the mattress review sites they thought they could trust earn huge shares and commissions when posting good reviews and referrals for online mattress brands.

So, how do we get our reviews?

At Bedding Stock, we don't pay bloggers and popular mattress review sites to sell nor rank in search engines. We let our customers speak for the quality of our mattresses.

Please read over some of our 1,000+ real customer reviews.


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