Mattress Care 101: How to Extend the Life of Your Mattress

19th Nov 2019

19th Nov 2019
Mattress Care 101: How to Extend the Life of Your Mattress

Your mattress is one of the greatest investments you’ll have for your home and your health. Therefore, if you take steps in caring for it, you’ll not only do your pocket a favor; you’ll also be able to create a healthier environment for sleep that can last for a longer time. With that, here are mattress care and maintenance tips to extend your mattress’s life:

Refrain from eating or drinking in bed.

Although it may be tempting to eat and drink in bed, especially while watching a movie, it’s best not to do these. By eating and drinking in bed, you’ll increase your mattress’s risk of getting stained. Not only that, food particles can attract insects and other microorganisms.

However, if you can’t resist doing so, especially when you’re presented with a romantic breakfast in bed, just make sure to clean up any food crumbs immediately. The sooner you clean up, the less chance the food crumbs and particles can get into the fibers of your mattress.

Rotate your mattress once every two weeks.

For a mattress to wear out evenly, you need to rotate it periodically or every three months at best. However, for a new mattress, you need to rotate it end to end once every two weeks for its first four months. But, make sure doing so complies with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Consider a mattress topper or protector.

Consider using a mattress topper, cover, or protector if you want to keep your mattress fresh and stain-free for a longer time. Aside from preserving the good condition and extending the life of your mattress, these mattress accessories also make a mattress extra comfortable.

Through time, bodily fluids can also end up being absorbed into the fibers of a mattress. But with the use of mattress toppers, covers, and protectors, this can be prevented. Breeding and buildup of dust mites, bed bugs, and certain allergens into your mattress will also be prevented.

Make a “NO Jumping on the Bed” rule.

Though jumping on the bed looks fun and exciting, especially for the young ones and the young at heart, it’s a big no-no in extending the life of a mattress. Jumping, walking, or standing on a mattress will only damage the inner springs, foams, or components of the mattress.

Clean and vacuum it at least once a month.

By cleaning your mattress, along with the linens and beddings, you’ll be able to ensure that no bodily fluid like oil and perspiration can soak into your mattress. Make it a practice to lay on your mattress only when you have bathed already to keep it clean and fresh-smelling.

It’s also best to wash and replace sheets and other beddings that comes into contact with your skin at least once a week. For your mattress, once a month vacuuming will do. Sprinkle baking soda on your mattress. Wait for 20 minutes. Then, vacuum it to nix smells.

Taking good care of your mattress benefits you as well. As you take steps to care for and extend the life of your mattress, you’ll also create for yourself a healthier environment for sleep. Win-win!

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