The Bedding Stock Story

A long, long time ago (2012), Before Casper, Leesa, Nectar, And most of the other 347 copy cats.

We built a mattress, put up a website, and started selling direct to customers.

From then on, people lived happily ever after as they slept twice as nice for half the price.


We Weren't Out to Revolutionize the Mattress Industry.

One founder was in the mattress business for decades. The other worked in e-commerce and digital marketing. After years of intense research they discovered that people liked to buy things on the internet for less money and Bedding Stock was born.


We live by our mission and passion of making better sleep affordable for everyone.

To provide people the best product for the best possible sleep every night, we direct our efforts and resources on premium quality manufacturing instead of fancy packaging, expensive marketing, unfair markups, and paid-for reviews- factors that only cause a mattress to cost higher.

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