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You’ll Love This Awesome Playlist To Help You Sleep Immediately

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Can’t sleep? Check out these 14 relaxing tracks that will get you snoozing in no time.

  1. “I’m Only Sleeping” by The Beatles – This song was included on the album “Revolver” released in 1966. Lennon was clearly inspired by the joys of staying in bed here. After listening to this track, you’d also be motivated to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon in a comfortable gel foam mattress.



2.  “The Crystal Ship” by The Doors – This track was included on the band’s phenomenal self-titled debut album released in 1967. Jim Morrison, the band’s lead singer, was inspired by the Platform Holly, an oil rig that glitters like a “crystal ship” when it lit up at night off the coast of Santa Barbara.


3.  “After Hours” by The Velvet Underground – This song was included on the group’s self-titled album released in 1969. Maureen Tucker, the band’s drummer, did the vocals because Lou Reed thought the song was “too innocent and pure” that he couldn’t imagine singing it himself. Well, he made the right decision.



4.  “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed – This track was the B-side to Reed’s major hit single, ”Walk on the Wild Side” released in 1972. It also became a number one hit in the UK for three weeks when the song was performed by an all-star ensemble. This cover version was released as a BBC charity single in 1997.


5.  “Over the Hillside” by The Blue Nile – This soothing number was included on the Scottish band’s sophomore album, “Hats,” which was released in 1989. The album was hailed by music pundits as one of the band’s most lasting musical creations.


6.  “Sparks” by Coldplay – This song came from Coldplay’s debut album, “Parachutes,” released in 2000. The album was a huge hit and received numerous accolades from the Grammy Awards and Billboard, to name a few.


7.  “The Last of The Laughter” by Travis – This track came from the album, “The Man Who,” by the Scottish band, Travis, released in 1999. The album reached the top spot in the UK and no. 8 in Australia.


8.  “Powder Blue” by Elbow – This song is from the debut album of the British alternative rock band, Elbow, aptly titled “Asleep in the Back.” The album was listed as one of the best 50 albums of 2001 by Q, a popular music magazine in the UK.


9.  “This Love” by Craig Armstrong feat. Liz Fraser – I heard this song from the “Cruel Intentions” movie soundtrack released in 1999. The vocals on this track feature Liz Frazer, a Scottish singer and songwriter who is better known for her musical contributions to the alternative rock band, Cocteau Twins.


10. “Whatever became Of Alice And Jane” by Confetti – This track was written by an indie group that came out during the early 1990s. They are so obscure, in fact, very little is known about them.


11.  “Caribbean Blue” by Enya – This song was performed by Irish musician, Enya, and was originally released in 1991 on her album titled “Shepherd Moons.”


12. “Trust” by The Cure – This haunting track was included in the “Wish” album released in 1992 by the legendary British alternative band, The Cure.


13.  “At Least In My Heart” by Starlet – Here is a song from another obscure indie band called Starlet. It comes from their album titled “Stay on My Side” released in 2000.



14. “September” by David Sylvian – This track was written by British singer-songwriter, David Sylvian. It comes from his fourth album “Secrets of the Beehive” released in 1987.


Do you have a favorite song you listen to before bedtime? Share them by leaving a comment below.

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