truth behind mattress prices revealed

Truth Revealed Behind Mattress Prices

Are you aware that you are spending 1/3 of your life in bed? That means if you have a 9-year old mattress, you have been lying on it for an average of three years.

We are sure that you are reading this because you wonder why there are different prices of mattress in the market – from lowest to the most luxurious – or maybe you want to buy a new bed because your current one makes your body hurt, wake up from exhaustion, or you just want a bigger size.

Admit it or not, mattress is extremely hard to buy, despite its softness to sleep on. Several mattress stores sell very much similar product under different names, making the consumer confused to compare prices and quality. Of course, salespersons would convince their buyer towards their ultra-expensive mattresses for a win-win situation, while manufacturers highlight certain features that consumers cannot easily differentiate. Therefore, majority of buyers spend thousands and thousands of dollars more than the necessary and even end up sleeping on a mattress they hate – very much not worth it, right?

The time you spend on mattress is the biggest factor that can affect your mood, motivation, and decision-making abilities. Purchasing a new mattress should not be intimidating and cost you your savings. Just because a certain mattress is expensive does not mean it is indeed already a good quality. At the end of the day, what better way to have a good night sleep than knowing you scored a great deal on your mattress?

The secret of waking up feeling rested has no effect in buying the most expensive mattress or at least trying to get eight hours of sleep every night. What if I tell you that all the things and factors you know about how to get a good quality of sleep could be wrong, all this time?

Nick Littlehales, a top sleep expert and has spent 30 years of his life perfecting sleep, said that much of the talk and rumors about sleep is pure non-sense. He shared that the first thing people must need to know about mattress industry is that there is very little regulation. Anyone can put the label ‘orthopaedic’ whenever and whatever they want on a bed even though they have not undergone the mattress through vigorous testing.

Mattress manufacturers have the choice to make their springs smaller to fit 2,000 springs in a mattress just to compete and beat the competitors’ 1,500. But guess what; it does not even make it stand out from anyone – quality over quantity still.

With that in mind, what is the solution from these tricks and techniques?

Never ever buy a mattress just because of its label, including the price tag. Majority of the manufacturers claim that their product can last up to ten years; therefore people are okay with spending thousands of dollars (or more!) because they believe it would save them from hustles and bustles, as well as panic buying.

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Little did they know it costs them far more expensive than they imagine since, after ten years, their overly-priced mattress would be filled with stains, dead skin cells, and dust mites that could lead them to allergies and trouble from sleep. Not to mention that over time, its bouncy and firmness will soon be gone, as well as it will be degraded.

Nick suggests that buying a cheaper mattress that fits perfectly for you then replace it regularly is far much better than buying expensive mattresses which would just put you in doubt sooner or later.

If you have been canvassing for a mattress these past few days, you would bump into products that are priced for as low as $100, and as expensive as $8000. Some people may find it difficult to differentiate one from another, and how the additional dollars could contribute to a better sleeping experience.

Unfortunately, most of the time, the answer is – NOTHING.

Some mattresses just have huge markups over their manufacturing and marketing costs. For example, a mattress which is originally priced at $100 would make them sell it for $4000 in a market store because of these factors – sales commissions, retail markup, marketing cost, and manufacturing cost.

the truth behind mattress prices

Most mattresses are sold through retailers who take their revenue as well. Moreover, the huge commission that the salesperson would earn with each mattress makes the product more expensive. Typically, they sell the most profitable mattress for you, and not the best one that fits perfectly for your condition. Not to mention the cost of space and lights – but it is another factor that contributes to large markup.

Further, stores add great features such as gel-infused foam, extra coils, European pillow top, and an extra few inches – most consumers are not aware of but sound great for a good salesman. Unfortunately, these features do not improve a good quality sleep, but just another reason to add some additional cost onto the sale.

Lack of consumer knowledge is also one of the factors that make mattress expensive. Most of the time, consumers only purchase mattress once every five to ten years, and it is the kind of product wherein it is hard to trust the quality of a specific brand since people have various sleep preferences, expectations, and experiences. Usually, your only source of contact is your local salesman, and you do not have the opportunity to learn more about other brands’ products.

Since consumers have limited knowledge regarding mattress, how can one be aware if they are scoring a good deal, or even getting one that meets their needs?

People rarely negotiate since they find it too uncomfortable and intimidating with the process. Because of this, a mattress salesman may take this as his advantage. For example, he would cut down the sales tax, though people with knowledge know the huge margin of the product that he could cut off a lot more and still earn a reasonable commission.

Consumers have always been anxious about the mattress buying experience. The good thing about now is that some companies such as Bedding Stock are entering the mattress industry to sell directly to buyers online which adds more transparency to the process, as well as cutting down the prices. It is starting to shake up the traditional model since expensive mattress does not equate to high quality, as to cheaper mattress does not mean low quality.

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If you are planning to buy a mattress, we suggest you to start having a research by looking at the online mattress companies like Bedding Stock in order to increase your overall experience, as well as to get a better deal than the large mattress companies could offer.

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Ethan Wright
Ethan Wright is a health enthusiast who believes every great day begins with a good night sleep. He is currently a researcher and writer for Bedding Stock, an online retailer of gel memory foam mattress in the USA. When not wearing his writing hat, you will see him traveling to places with his journal.

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