reasons why quality mattress is an investment

Top 5 reasons why buying quality mattress online is an investment

reasons why quality mattress is an investmentWhatever your financial status, there are things that you need to invest in. I am not talking about big-time high-yielding investment instruments such as bonds, stocks or forex. You might be too eager to get your feet wet in investing, but unfortunately, this blog is not about getting huge profits. This blog is about strategies that ordinary people must do to gain maximum benefits from their regular, day to day “investments” at the lowest possible cost.

Daily “investments”

People often confuse investing to the use of money to buy something (bond, stock certificate, or business franchise) with the goal of earning more than the original amount. However, there is another definition of investment that every person does on a regular basis, whether you are a Wall Street investor or ordinary worker. One definition of investment in is:

“[A] devoting, using, or giving of time, talent, emotional energy, etc., as for a purpose or to achieve something:”

That something could be an object or feat that racks up more value in your personal finance and living in general.

Most of these “investments” are your daily activities seen in a different yet more empowering perspective. Instead of treating these daily rituals as mundane, a change in mindset can transform them to income-saving, self-development, and, possibly, income-generating ventures. While some of these can be costly, there are ways you can get them with the least amount of money and time.

Quality mattress is an investment

As sleep is needed more and more in this hyper-busy world, we need to spend more time in your bed. Studies found out that quality sleep boosts our health, brain capacity, and productivity—factors that likely increases our personal income and reduces our expenses. In fact, Ariana Huffington and other successful people both in the field of science and business become sleep evangelists after realizing the power of quality sleep on increasing brain power and productivity and how inadequate sleep causes costly and deadly disasters.

One thing that can put you quality sleep is a good bedding mattress. Studies show that buying quality mattress, especially the ones that provide comfort and support for your body such as gel memory foam mattress, increases your tendency to get adequate sleep every night.

Buying online is cost-effective

As an investment activity, buying quality mattress can even bring more bang for your buck if done online. Mattresses are cheaper online than brick-and-mortar stores due to less cost of maintaining an actual store.

Moreover, consumer satisfaction on mattresses bought online and in stores have no significant difference, according to Sleep Like The Dead, an online sleep research site. Seeing and trying a mattress on store does not matter much to customers’ satisfaction due to the reasons below:

• Online buyers have more access to information about what mattress type better suits them
• The sample mattress in a showroom is in its top shape to convince you to buy. The customer may be dissatisfied once it is broken in after continued use.
• Individuals may have a unique feel to a specific mattress, meaning they might get a different experience once they lie on another mattress of the same model.

Why is quality mattress an investment?

Here are the five reasons why buying your mattress online is an investment:

More value for money from lots of free expert information

Online mattress retailers are rife with information from real sleep experts, not just from store attendants. Most of them publishes blogs and even tools that educate consumers on how to rightfully choose the right mattress that suits their unique needs.

Less unnecessary expenses by having less exposure to sales pressure

Sales attendants use many sales techniques that force you to buy products even though you do not need them. Giving in to sales pressure leads you to buy things that do not suit or satisfy you. This is a useless, unintended spending that can even be worse than throwing your money.

More purchasing power by buying mattress at lower price

Without the cost of maintaining a physical showroom, online retailers can offer their mattresses at very affordable prices. Some of them offer even more discount using seasonal promos and product coupons.

Less overhead expenses from shopping with ease

You can do shopping mattress online in the comfort of your home without the hassle of spending your time and effort in driving to your preferred physical store. This activity allows you to cut down your personal expenses.

More quality assurance from better return policies

To give more business edge over a physical store, most online merchants offer better return policies. Some of them even offer 120-day comfort guarantee that assures that their customers are satisfied in their purchased mattresses.

Quality sleep is an essential human need. Buying a quality mattress and other sleep products that make sure you get it every night is an investment worth having.

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