Checking social media before sleep.

The Downsides of Addiction to Social Media

Nowadays, long distance communication has greatly improved over recent years. As the Internet began to flourish, interaction among many people has become more and more prevalent. This enabled social media to exist and thrive.

The social media trend is considered to be one of the most notable events in recent history. It’s easy to access and, best of all, it’s free.

Checking social media before sleep.

Checking social media before sleep.

According to Nielsen, internet users spend countless hours on different social media platforms compared to other websites. Popular social media sites such as Facebook has 1.4 billion accounts. Twitter has more than 600 million users, and Instagram currently has 200 million active users.

Many people turn to social media sites for the latest trends and news rather than watching television, reading newspapers, and listening to the radio. Some are using different social media platforms to exercise free speech, self-promotion, or form relationships. This shows that the human race has fully embraced the virtual life on cyberspace.

The widening use of social media comes with its own set of problems. Issues such as hacking profiles or accounts may lead to serious misdemeanor or identity theft charges. Defamation is a common problem in cyberspace, which is harmful to the reputation of an individual, business, brand, government, nation, and in some instances, religious beliefs.

Despite the many boons of social media, anything in excess can cause serious problems. It may lead to health-related issues. Some companies face problems over the loss in productivity because a huge chunk of the employee’s time is spent on social media. Many people use it everywhere or anytime during their work, classes, breaks and even bedtime. This may be a sign of social media addiction.

The previous generation used to spend their time watching television, talking on the telephone, or reading books before going to sleep. Due to the industrial revolution, people, especially teenagers, got hooked on using social media. Armed with their mobile devices, they are always in the loop. Many teenagers are unable to complete their tasks or tend to neglect sleeping.

According to health experts, people have to get a good night’s sleep or relax for at least half an hour before sleeping. Due to continuous and rapid changes in technology, precious sleep is being deprived by distractions like social media sites.

However, social media, in and of itself, is not wrong at all. It provides numerous advantages to the younger generation, businesses and the general public. It’s just a question of how people will use it. Everyone deserves to have quality sleep, to break the monotony, and to enjoy a restful night.


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