The Downfall of Nightmares

While you are sleeping, have you experienced having a horrifying dream? Perhaps, you were being hunted by creepy monsters, chased by zombies or tied-up in an abandoned warehouse. If your answer is yes, then you’ve experienced a nightmare.

Boy experiencing nightmare.

Nightmares are terrifying dreams that cause fear, despair, restlessness, and immense panic. This experience tends to occur in the middle of the night and, oftentimes, awakens the sleeper who is likely to remember the content of the dream. The causes of having bad dreams are classified into two groups: physical and psychological reasons.

In line with the physical causes, it can happen due to inappropriate sleeping positions. Some people sleep with their back against the bed. Another cause is having an ailment and sudden adjustment in medications. Moreover, sleeping right after eating can cause bad dreams because from the time when your stomach is digesting food, your body’s metabolism increases along with your brain activity.

As for psychological effects, stress is the major reason people experience nightmares. Pressure, anxiety, and fear are also related to stress which turns a good dream into a bad one. The possible reason is that your mind is not at ease and relaxed.


Lady in her own terrible dream.

Sleeping in the best way to recharge our body from an exhausting day. As we lay down on our comfy beds at night, we expect to wake up fully rested and relaxed. Sadly, we sometimes fail to experience this because of frightening dreams. The good news is that nightmares can be prevented.

Have you heard of an object that can trap negative dreams? It may hold the solution to your problem of having nightmares. It originated from the Ojibwe people, one of the largest groups of Native American and first nation’s people on the North American continent. They created what is known as a “dreamcatcher.”

They believe that a dreamcatcher can change a person’s dream. A dreamcatcher is usually hung above the head of a sleeper and serves as a charm to protect people from having nightmares. The night air is filled with dreams. It may bring good or bad ones. Through the use of a dreamcatcher, your dreams will always be sweet and peaceful.

Magical dream catcher can fight nightmare.

The dreamcatcher is decorated with sacred items such as feathers and beads. Dreams will pass through the web or the net, slide down the hanging beads and feathers and filtered down to the dreamer. However, bad dreams would be trapped inside the web. As the first rays of the morning sun hit the dreamcatcher, the bad dream or nightmare will evaporate like the morning dew.

Happy dreams can now be obtained. No more scary dreams of scary monsters, walking dead or being trapped in a dark forest. To make your dream more positive, do not forget to pray to God. He will give you a torch of protection against any nightmare.

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