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So, a friend of mine asked me, which makes the best pet? Cats or dogs? Well, it’s a tough choice.


Many would contend that cats are the best because they rule the Internet.

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And they’re so cute and cuddly.

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However, looks can be deceiving

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They can be the sweetest thing you’ll ever see.

Cats Who Simply Cannot Deny Their Affection For Dogs

Or as fierce as hell.

I’m stronger than my enemy!

“Netflix and chill? Not gonna happen.” — Cat

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But cats aren’t just partial to dogs.

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That’s why you have to earn their respect.

This is my best friend!

Dogs, on the other hand, are just happy to see you.

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And they can be just as charming as cats.

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Dogs are very affectionate.

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Some can even get overly attached than others.

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They are quite considerate as well.

They love to sleep on your cheap memory foam mattress while you’re away.

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Dogs are truly man’s best friend.

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So no matter what pet you choose.

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They will equally love you the same way.

“This is my life now.”

So how about you? Are you a cat person or a dog lover? Sound off by leaving a comment below.



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