The Mysteries of Dreams Good for Mental Stimulation [Part 1]

The Mysteries of Dreams Good for Mental Stimulation [Part 1]

We are spoiled by the thousands of videos available for us to watch covering a variety of topics. However, there are a few subjects that aren’t as well-documented as they should be; perhaps because no one can yet offer clear explanations on some of the most mind-blowing phenomenon. Arguably the most complicated being, the very thing we use to think and rely on to provide answers – the human brain.

Why do we dream

This is a question that has been asked since the beginning of time. Despite our increasing advancements in life, there is still no definite answer to such a seemingly simple question, “why do we all have dreams and what purpose do they serve?” The truth is no one really knows. Out of all the mysteries that have been researched, all the strange animals and sea creatures that roam around. Dreams, sending up the homeless man on the street and the richest man on the planet all have in common is still a mystery to us. One thing we do know about them is that they seem to happen during the REM stage of our sleep. When the parts of our brain that mediate emotions is incredibly active, and there are plenty of theories at least as to what dreaming is and why it happens.

Some researchers believe, dreaming has no meaning or purpose and is just nonsensical activities of the sleeping brain, but then there are others who say that dreams help us remember past experiences by turning them into long-term memories. Then there are those who believe dreaming is essential for our emotional and physical health. This is backed up as studies have shown that people who have broken sleep or whose sleep is constantly interrupted and so do not dream as much. If at all for long periods of time experience the variety of mental health issues including increased tension, difficulty concentrating, weight gain, and are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.

Whether this is linked to not dreaming or not sleeping enough is impossible to gauge. But if it is the lack of dreaming then this could be because a study suggests that dreaming is a way of helping our brain dissolve the problems we may be faced with in everyday life through various scenarios played out in a controlled environment. Sigmund Feud, the Austrian neurologist and founder of Psychoanalysis, who was one of the most influential minds of the 20th century, agreed that although he thought that dreams could be a window into our subconscious thoughts. Some of which are deemed unacceptable in society but can be expressed in a dream. So if there is a pattern that is occurring in your dreams, write it down and figure out if it’s something that you could only get away with while you’re sound asleep.

What are Lucid Dreams?

You may have heard of lucid dreams before they are thrown around a lot, and people go to great lengths to have them. They are the awareness one has while dreaming that allows the person to control and gauge the direction of the dream. Think about it, how can you control something that isn’t real but that is as close to real as about anything else you can imagine and be aware of it all that while asleep in the real world. How and why is this possible? There isn’t an answer to this question yet, but we can speculate.

Research into lucid dreams which is surprisingly little has revealed that they occur not when in a state of total REM, like when regular dreams are believed to take place. But in a state between REM and waking. Based on what other experts say, everything is the same regarding taste and texture, except you can do things you would never be able to do. It’s basically like your own life video game except you can solve your real-life problems within a dreaming state. They say you can fly in command, go anywhere and do anything you’ve ever wanted to it sounds too good to be true, but this is a real thing. Yes, we do not know why or how this happens because it simply defies logic.

A lucid dream sounds a lot like the virtual reality world that is becoming popular and many we will be able to be living in soon, where we control our surroundings. Accept lucid dreaming is already programmed into us and has been since the beginning. Think about that.

We hope that this could stimulate wondrous facts regarding how our brain works while we are asleep. Next week we will be sharing more of the facts and mysteries of dreams.

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Ethan Wright
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