Let Your Dreams Be Carried By a Flow of Fresh Air

When daydreaming about the perfect sleep, we picture ourselves on a cozy, fluffy bed or lying on a light duvet made of feathers while breathing in a soft sea breeze… or sleeping on a cloud.  Wouldn’t that be great? Just let our FLOW of ingenuity inspire you!

Fresh air (Oxygen) is one of the basic elements on Earth. Every day, we fill our lungs more than 25,000 times with it. With this thought in mind, wouldn’t it be great if we could oxygenate our mattress for the benefit of deeper sleep? By keeping your mattress with an ongoing FLOW of fresh air, you help to keep your sleeping environment clean and fresh, avoiding the presence of molds and bacteria.

Woman sleeping in clouds

Woman sleeping in clouds

Flow provides a solution to the need of good mattress aeration by combining the best of macro & micro ventilation in your mattress. It’s the perfect synergy between ventilation, comfort, and design.

All components of the Flow collection have been developed and carefully selected to create optimal ventilation. This results in a clean and healthy mattress where air flows through for a better sleeping environment without compromising on your level of comfort.

Experience how it’s like to sleep on a cloud and let your dreams be carried by the wind. Find out more about our Flow collection!


9″ Ease Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Do you want to experience a luxurious sleep with unrivaled comfort and support? If yes, then the 9” Ease Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress from our Flow collection is absolutely fit for you! Unlike traditional foam, our gel-infused memory foam gives a soothing and refreshing feeling all over your body.

Key features:

  • Top and side cover is quilted with 0.5” Gel-Infused Memory Foam with an art auto-wicking mesh border with a specially-designed macro and micro ventilating flow fabric that reduces heat and discomfort.
  • Second layer is constructed of 1.5” of Cool Blue Memory Foam that gives extra cooling sensation.
  • 1” of High-Density Pressure Relieving Foam serves as the support layer that has a long lasting durability.
  • 6” High-Density Reflexive Lumbar Base Layer provides superior support and balance.
  • Bottom cover is made in Anti-Slip removable zippered cover.


11″ Revitalize Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Superior durability with a pillow-like softness and conforming support is what 11” Revitalize Gel Memory Foam Mattress can give to you. Its cooling feature gives your body a cozy light feeling as if you are lying in soft and tender clouds.

Key features:

  • Strong pressure-relief support and combination of macro and micro ventilating flow fabric that gives the body a unique and healthy sleeping environment.
  • Made up of microfibers that provide a light, smooth and breathable material.
  • The base cover is made in anti-slip removable zipped cover.


13″ Invigorate Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The 13” Invigorate Gel Memory Foam Mattress provides the ultimate sleep experience. Enjoy a softer feel and ease the pain you may feel in the three major pressure points (head and shoulders, hips and feet) when you sleep, allowing your body to feel comfy and relaxed.

Key features:

  • Comfort layer of 1.5” Cool Blue Memory Foam has 3” high-density pressure-relieving foam support layer.
  • Top and side cover has 1.5” Gel-Infused Memory Foam with art auto-wicking mesh border and quilted of designed macro and micro ventilating flow fabric to prevent discomfort.
  • 6” High-Density Reflexive Lumbar Base Layer.
  • Utilizes a zippered anti-slip breathable and removable cover.


Get the perfect mattress you’ve always wanted. There’s no better time than now.

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Jayson Guerrero

Creative Content Manager at Bedding Stock
Jayson Guerrero is the creative content manager of Bedding Stock. He is a sleep evangelist, mattress enthusiast, bedroom design fanatic, and healthy lifestyle advocate.

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