Got a Boring Bedroom? How to Hype the Love this Valentine’s

Got a Boring Bedroom? How to Hype the Love this Valentine’s

Do you dream of walking into a bedroom that practically gives you a feeling of delight, happiness, and comfort? This room of the house should be an intimate place where love and romance are celebrated and cultivated, rather than storage for clutter. The bedroom is your sanctuary, an extension of your personality and style from colors, pictures, and interior design – all chosen to let people have a glimpse of who you are.

Bedroom can make or break your romance. A bedroom should be a place filled with tranquility, where you feel most comfortable, at peace, and at ease. Also, it must be a place where you feel most relaxed getting sexy and saucy if you know what I mean.

But if you feel inadequate when someone walks in and invite you for a feature of your bedroom, or if your place looks like a total mess that thirsts to have a complete makeover, then continue reading to help you know how to make your bedroom an incubator of romance and more sexy-time friendly.

Choose your color wisely

One of the biggest factors to achieve a splendid mood is your room’s color. It is as important as choosing the man of your dreams, yet usually given a little importance. Pick a color that makes you relaxed and feels good after a long tiring day from work. However, if you have no idea on what color suits your place, consider browsing through home magazines and Pinterest then save the designs you want. Don’t forget to choose something that makes you passionate and romantic.

Cut the clutter

From unnecessary stacks of bills, newspapers, dirty laundry, random documents, office works, to smallest things such as coupons or your treasured movie tickets – cut these things away if you want romance to fill the atmosphere. Start by putting important stuff in a large box and take advantage of your home’s hidden places to store the items; decide what to throw and what to keep; what to sell and what to give. De-cluttering your room may require a demanding amount of time, but the after feeling is incomparable.

Invest in a nook

One of the best decisions you can do to tweak your bedroom is by putting a warm and cozy nook. No matter how simple it may be – whether it’s a sofa, coffee table with a desk plant on top, lazy couch, or just a chair with throw pillow near a window, it significantly adds romance especially if you want to have some coffee in the morning while talking about your plans.

Cradle the candle

In boosting up a romantic mood, the candle is your best friend. It is one of the smallest things that can boost up your bedroom’s feels and looks without spending hundreds of your savings. Consider getting few large-sized pillar candles to help your room smell pretty amazing, as well as a stack of tea-light candles to make your bedroom look elegant and sophisticated. However, if you are not into candles, just try to use it as light in the nighttime to create a romantic, calm, and soft glow.

Keep in mind to blow your candles when you’re about to sleep, or when not in use.

Take no space for technology

If you browse your Facebook news feed and Twitter timeline more often than you talk to your spouse about how his day went, you might want to assess yourself. Although living in a high technology world full of quality gadgets makes our life simpler, it can affect your sleeping patterns, create huge fights, keep the attention off you, or can lead to separation. By just removing your attention to the television or smartphone, it creates more free time to bond and cuddle with your spouse in a way free from distractions.

Cleanliness is next to sexiness

Make your bedroom sparkling clean, because after all, who wants to make love and sleep in a bedroom that has not been cleaned since Stone Age? Free a day over the weekend to do a complete makeover of your bedroom. Clean and wipe every surface you see and invest in a vacuum or carpet cleaner to give your floors the scrub they deserve. Wash your linens regularly and organize your stuff and drawers according to your variant. Cleaning your room should be your top priority since curling up in a cozy and fresh bedroom makes everything more romantic.

Wear your attitude

A well-organized bedroom only gives half the romance – it still boils down to working to make your marriage be mentally and emotionally passionate. Avoid getting into arguments and disagreements before you sleep, and make an effort to communicate in a loving manner. Because no matter how pleasing to the eye your bedroom is, if you don’t practice these things, your place would still feel like hell.

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