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How To Make Your Home More Pet-Friendly Right Now

You don’t have to be a guru when it comes to creating a space that’s ideal for your beloved furry friends. The secret to making your home animal-friendly is considering your pets’ needs and selecting the right items for your bedroom, like a cheap memory foam mattress where you can snuggle up with your pet.

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Now you don’t have to worry anymore about letting your house go to the dogs and cats without compromising your personal style or comfort. You can keep your furniture, floors and walls looking spotless and clean by following these easy and quick tips.

Start with your flooring.

If you are using carpets, keep in mind that it can instantly absorb your pets’ odors, trap fur, and bodily fluids. Carpets are really hard to clean so it is best to use something else like a cheap rug. Rugs are easier to clean and disposable. But if you think throwing out rugs when they get all grungy is not practical, use a flat carpet because it is less difficult to clean.


Another alternative is to be practical and simple. Go for bare hard surface floors. You can quickly make your flooring look beautiful by just applying a fresh coat of paint. Hardwood floors are easy to vacuum or mop and it brings a warm glow to your home.

But remember that big pets can scratch wood. Your best choice would be ceramic tiles because they are resistant to toenails or any mess your pets can make. Also, tiles are easy to clean and they are a cool place for your pets to take a nap. Don’t forget to vacuum regularly. No matter what type of flooring you use, it is advisable to clean your floors at least twice a week.  

Protect your furniture.

Opt for fabrics that are effective in resisting stains. Refrain from using silk, velvet or cotton fabrics. Instead, use synthetic materials that are highly durable and resistant to smell, stains, grimy paws, and bacteria. You can also try leather because it is durable and easy to maintain.     

Give your dogs something to chew on like rubber toys or a scratch post for your cat. This way, your furry friends will refrain from gnawing away at your chair’s legs or scratching other parts of your furniture.

Keep your pets clean by bathing and grooming them often. It will help maintain the cleanliness of your house and prevent loose hair from cluttering all over the place. Also, it is more enjoyable to clean your pets than your upholstery. Your furniture will stay clean and last longer.

Be practical with your décor.

When designing your home, use furniture that is functional, easy to clean and still pleasing to the eyes. Make sure that your end tables, vases, and lamps are high enough to avoid getting swiped by your pets. Use slipcovers that are convenient to wash on couches and chairs.

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Lastly, avoid decorating with cute items that are easy to break. Having energetic pets around and fragile decorations is a bad idea. Your pets can easily trip over them or send your breakable figurines scattering across the floor. Put them where they are safe like an enclosed display cabinet with glass.

Pets are more than just animals that are fun to keep around. They are part of our family and our lives. So, turn your home into a pet haven with these helpful tips.


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