How memory foam mattress gives you a good night's sleep

How Memory Foam Mattress Gives You a Good Night’s Sleep

How memory foam mattress gives you a good night's sleep

Finding a quality sleeping aide has never been sought after. The stressful lifestyle we currently have makes our bedroom a much-needed sanctuary every night. But the stress continues hours after work.

Our modern always active environment fuels these seemingly endless activities and distractions that make your brain buzz even during sleeping hours. Some people can’t stop this continuous noise in our minds, making sound sleep an elusive treasure that needs to be sought night after night.

Sleep hygiene

There are many factors that contribute to the journey for a deep slumber. One of them is the comfort they get out of laying on bed. Just like any activity, sleeping needs a perfect combination of environmental and physical factors to accomplish it. Hence you need to practice what medical professionals call “sleep hygiene,” a list of habits that leads you to a fruitful slumber.

One important practice is the condition and quality of your bed. Your bed is probably the most-used furniture, yet one of those given the least importance. Many people invest heavily in things that they rarely utilize and take for granted those that they usually use. To think that almost one-third of your life is spent sleeping, you should make your bed one of your most prized assets.

Quality standardsJust like any activity, sleeping needs a perfect combination of environmental and physical factors to accomplish it.

But how can you say that your bed is a worthy investment? It should meet standards for a restful sleep. Sleep experts recommend people to choose the mattress that achieves two objectives:

Comfort – This is subjective as some people want to slumber in a bed as soft as a cloud, while others prefer a more rigid one. The materials that the mattress is made of is also critical.

Support – The mattress should bolster the back that can adjust to the natural contours of the spine. This quality will avoid or reduce back pains, among the common complaints of people who has low-quality mattress brands.

A case for memory foam mattress

Ames Research Center of NASA has created a foam that returns to its horizontal shape back after pressure was applied to it. They made this effort to provide protection and comfort to aircraft cushions. The result is memory foam, a product of high-end research for safety and comfort of your bed.

Aside from its high-profile technological roots, memory foam mattress has the following features:

Soft and comfortable – Typically made up of three layers of foam, this mattress type conforms to the angles of your body, making it a perfect fit whatever your sleeping posture.

Relieves pain – Because of its highly adjustable nature, it snugly adjusts to relieve the pain points in your body.

Provides support to your spine – Those with back problems will appreciate sleeping on a memory foam mattress because of the three layers of support it gives, especially to our spine. Moreover it keeps your spine in its natural alignment, unlike other kinds of mattresses that forces your back to take up a horizontal shape.

Less disturbance in your sleep – Memory foam can also absorb pressure created by your partner, making their tossing and turning less distracting to you.

High durability – Memory foam mattresses often have a longer lifespan in comparison to the average spring mattresses. Many brands offer up to 10 years warranty, showing the confidence they their products last that long.

Common complaints

Like anything in this world, memory foam mattress cannot please everybody. The following are the usual complaints from unsatisfied customers:

Traps heat – Since this mattress type is usually made up of three sheets of solid foam, it traps heat. But manufacturers were able to develop more advanced models such as gel memory foam mattress to address the temperature issue. Latest models has an additional layer of gel that reduces the foam’s temperature.

Heavy – Because of memory foam’s density, this type of mattress is hard to transport. But how often do you move your mattress?

Expensive – Probably the most usual complaint for this type of mattress is its price tag. It is twice or even thrice as costly as the average mattress. But again, achieving deep sleep every night is priceless. Moreover, there are cost-effective brands available in the market. Bedding Stock is one of the merchants that offers quality gel memory foam mattresses at competitive prices.

A good night’s sleep is paramount both to our health and productivity. Quality memory foam mattresses provide superior comfort and support your body needs to drift into your dream sleeping experience every night.


Educate yourself about memory foam even more by checking out our infographic:

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