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Still can’t find the right gift to give this holiday season? Why not give something that will stand the test of time? The gift of a good night’s sleep is quite beneficial for your loved ones.

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For those of you who are looking to buy budget-friendly but high quality memory foam mattresses, Bedding Stock is the one-stop online store for all your sleep needs. They offer a wide selection of mattresses, mattress toppers, foundations, and pillows that can cater to each person’s bedding requirements.

Bedding Stock prides itself for having a wide range of brand name sleep products at highly competitive prices. Their mattresses are made from extremely durable and high-quality foam grade which is guaranteed to provide superb comfort and support.

The online store has three mattress collections: Activate, Aloe Vera and Flow. Each collection has its own premium lineup of mattresses you can choose from:

Activate Collection
Superior comfort with just the right level of firmness for a restful night’s sleep.

  • Relief – designed to relieve various pressure points, eliminate discomfort, and promote healthy blood circulation.
  • Comfort – well-known for its top notch support, motion isolation, and therapeutic properties.
  • Harmony – helps you and your partner sleep undisturbed as its well-crafted materials significantly reduce motion transfer.
  • Serene – has the exact level of comfort and support you’re looking for. Not too soft, not too firm — a perfectly balanced mattress.

Aloe Vera Collection
Unrivaled support blended with the health benefits of nature. The perfect union of aloe vera and memory foam technology.

  • Bliss – easily dissipates body heat and gives you a cool, refreshing sleep experience.
  • Felicity – this mattress will keep your neck and spine in perfect alignment.
  • Eden – uses state-of-the-art spinal zone technology which gives you first-rate comfort and pressure point relief.
  • Utopia – infused with cool aloe gel that soothes and rejuvenates.

Flow Collection
Mattresses designed for optimal air circulation and comfort. It’s the next best thing to sleeping on a cloud.

  • Ease – promotes breathability and efficient ventilation. You won’t sleep too hot or too cold.
  • Revitalize – features a state-of-the-art design that combines macro and micro ventilation for better sleeping.
  • Invigorate – regulates temperature, moisture as well as air circulation for better sleeping.

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Mattress prices can range anywhere from $500 to $1,000+ (basic memory foam mattresses to elegant beddings). They are available in various sizes: twin (39×75), twin XL (39×80), full (54×75), queen (60×80), and king (76×80) sized mattresses.

Bedding Stock assures that all of their sleep products are CertiPur, Oeko Tex and Acti Guard certified which are manufactured without using hazardous materials. Furthermore, all of their products strictly adhere to the rules and regulations imposed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Looking for mattress toppers to give your parents or relatives? Mattress toppers are perfect for additional comfort and pressure relief. The pressure points adjust to each contour of the body thereby producing excellent support and relief from various body aches and pains.

There are four sizes available (twin, full, queen, and king) as well as two types of mattresses (gel memory foam or regular memory foam). Bedding Stock cares about its customers having true value for every dollar.

What you sleep on and where you rest your head is definitely vital to your personal health and well-being. Give the gift of sleep and wellness and have sweet dreams this holiday season.

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Jayson Guerrero

Creative Content Manager at Bedding Stock
Jayson Guerrero is the creative content manager of Bedding Stock. He is a sleep evangelist, mattress enthusiast, bedroom design fanatic, and healthy lifestyle advocate.

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