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Have Fun Sleeping This Summer By Doing These Tricks

Summer could be fun for your activities, but not for sleep. You might be excited on basking in the sun with friends on the beach or picnics. But one thing that can keep you from enjoying these activities is your lack of sleep.

Not a good time for sleep

Summer is notorious for shortening our bedtime and disrupting your sleep. The additional hour in daytime and the scorching heat (blame it to global warming) prevent you from enjoying summer to the fullest. Add to these the parties and merrymakings that take place everywhere; this season is too loud and exciting to sleep.

Longer daytime can disturb your appetite for sleep as light attracts your eyes to open and scan your environment. Likewise, to achieve sound sleep, your body temperature needs to be around 65 degrees. Colder or hotter than this temperature can affect your sleep.

Have fun sleepin’ this summer

As you can see, summer is not the best time for sleep. But we can make this season a fun time both to hit the road and hit the sack by doing the following tips:

Use air-conditioning units – Keep the temperature at 65 degrees.

Wear loose light-colored cotton clothing – Baggy cotton sleep clothing lets air flow on your body. Bed linens and drapery made of cotton are also good during summer. Just keep your satin, silk, or polyester clothing and sheets for cooler nights. Also, choose the light-colored ones as they don’t keep heat.

Put on blinds and keep them closed – Using them will prevent the sunlight from flooding your room. While the view outside is tempting to see from your room, keeping the blinds open during the daytime may make your room like an oven.

Eat small meals before bed – Eating banquet-size meals will make sleep hard to fall on you. Don’t be tempted to eat big during dinner parties.

Sleep as Egyptians do – Living in a scorching hot country, ancient Egyptians have mastered to sleep hot weather. Before sleeping, soak two pieces of bed sheets or bath towels that can cover your body in cold water then wring it until it is damp but not dripping. Spread the damp towel on your bed and use the other one as your blanket.

Use cold compress or ice packs – Place them in front of your fan (if you do not have an air conditioner) to create a cool breeze.

Take a cold bath – But some people prefer a hot shower before dozing off. Just choose which of the two is best for you.

Use mattress that does not trap heat – Foam mattress is known for this property; use gel memory foam mattress instead. It has a layer of filled with a fluid that dissipates heat.

Go solo – Sorry, sleep partners. Summer might be too hot to sleep in pairs.

Sleep low – The closer you are to the ground, the cooler you will feel. Hence, sleeping in a basement during hot days is recommended.

Summer could also be fun for sleeping just like your outdoor activities in the morning. Doing these hacks can make you fall asleep in a breeze.

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