Foods and Beverages to be Avoided Before Bedtime

Foods and Beverages to be Avoided Before Bedtime

Checking your kitchen out for a midnight snack? Don’t just grab the first thing that looks good. Check out this stuff, resist the temptation, and be sure not to chunk any of these foods. Here are foods and beverages to be avoided before bedtime.


This is a no-brainer. Studies have shown that coffee compromises deep sleep, and alters the normal stages of sleep. Contrary from popular belief, decaf coffee isn’t caffeine free, it just got less coffee compared to regular coffee. Instead of drinking coffee, replace it with tea, preferably a chamomile tea to get your body ready to sleep while aiding your body in digestion. Try not to eat anything together with your tea, especially sugary or dairy food before bed. Try not to have any caffeine intake later than six hours before bedtime.

High-sugared Cereals

Yep, sometimes a bowl of cereal at bedtime is just the thing. Better be sure to stick with the low-sugar, high fiber kinds, like Bran Flakes or Cheerios. Because sugary cereals digest rapidly in your system, giving you blood sugar a spike and it could shake off some of your sleep hormones. Also, low-fiber diets are connected to lighter sleep.


Just because alcohol makes you drowsy, it doesn’t mean that it will give you revitalizing sleep. A refreshing night of sleep includes six to seven rapid eye movement (also known as REM sleep or dream sleep). This is the level of sleep where your memory is restored. Alcohol prevents that from happening, no wonder you can’t remember the night before.

Red Meat

Due to its high fat and protein content, red meat takes a long time to be digested. This forces your body to stay awake just to digest when it should be resting. This will make you sluggish in the morning.


This vegetable, and others like onion, and garlic encourages flatulence and tummy troubles before bed. Avoid these foods to prevent late night abdominal discomfort.

Greasy and cheesy foods

Avoid high-fat cheese, and fatty toppings as this can also give you digestive discomfort. Try a non-fat cheese or a mozzarella. You might want to reconsider that late-night order of pizza, for that cheesy topping might give you nightmares.

Spicy foods

These foods can bring a lot of acid in your stomach overnight while they are being digested. Try to avoid foods like this, for even little amount of it will produce lots of acid in your belly.


These drinks are highly acidic and full of sugar. Sodas give you gas and can make you bloated. They can also disrupt your sleep with their caffeine content.

Dark chocolate and candy bars

You should wish you didn’t eat that slice of cake the other night. Milk chocolate is loaded with sugar and fats that disrupt your sleep, while dark chocolate has caffeine which keeps you up. It also increases arousal, prevents your body from shutting down and decrease your ability to develop and sustain deeper sleep.

Ketchup and Fries

This fast-food combo is a double whammy when it comes to disrupting those sweet dreams.
Fries are greasy, which tells that they’re high in fat. Your body will keep you up as it tries to digest them. Ketchup is extremely acidic because of the tomatoes it’s made with. It is usually preserved with other chemicals that make them even more acidic to the point that it may lead to heartburn.

Too much food

We know that going to bed starving is not a good idea. But it also the vice versa. Eating too much food before you go to sleep induces penalty to your body. It takes it’s toll on your body for it takes it’s time to digest the food in your belly instead of it producing hormones that lead you to sleep. You have lesser time to rest, and you will feel groggy the next morning, making you reach for more calorie-dense foods.

Start to say no to these stuff before bedtime, and begin to say hello to a good night’s sleep.

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