Be Ready For Its Expiration Date

Everything has its own end. Your problems, your loved ones, or even your life has its own “expiration date.” Live life to the fullest and try to appreciate all the blessings that come your way.

Sometimes, good fortune is difficult to stumble upon. You’ll be quite fortunate if you get a new lease on life or a second chance to start over. However, it’s better to prepare for the worst case scenario.

Do you remember something that you always give your biggest hugs to whenever you feel sad or alone while you are sleeping? Definitely, the lightest and softest thing to hug is your pillow. This wonderful purveyor of comfort has been your constant companion through every high and low point of your life. It has witnessed your laughter, tears, anger, as well as your anxiety. After a long, hard day of working, your loyal pillow is always there, waiting for you to cuddle and embrace it.

Man hugging pillow in dark.

Man hugging pillow in dark.

Time will come when your pillow will fail to provide you with a good night’s sleep. No matter how long your pillow has been with you or whatever sentimental value it has, if it brings you stiff neck or back pain, you have no choice but to replace it. This means your pillow has, unfortunately, expired. Remember, comfort is the key to having the best sleep ever. A pillow may affect the quality of your sleep. Its softness and firmness may depend on the material it is made of. There are three basic materials which a pillow can be made from:


Bedding stock memory foam pillows

1. Feathers. Common pillows in the market are made up of bird’s feathers. It is relatively soft and comfortable which can make you sleep for a very long time. However, it does not provide the utmost support to your neck and you may even get a stiff neck.

2. Cotton and wool. Some pillows are made up of cotton and wool, but they are not very firm. It may also flatten over time.

3. Memory foam. The best material is memory foam because it can provide you comfort while you’re sleeping and prevent you from experiencing stiff neck.


With more than 30 years of sleep experience, Bedding Stock proudly offers its memory foam pillows that will surely give you better neck and back support. Experience the gentle support and comfort of the Dual Comfort Molded Memory Foam Standard Pillow and Memory Foam Micro-Cushion Pillow. These excellent pillows will always retain its shape and will never go flat. They’re guaranteed to give long lasting comfort and support you can always count on.

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