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An Excellent Quality Mattress You Can Actually Afford

Many people long for a restful night’s sleep. With today’s busy lifestyle, more and more folks are working harder and sleeping less. If you haven’t been sleeping well, the first thing you should consider is getting a new mattress.

Depending on your preferences, a mattress can make or break your sleep. Do you even know how old your mattress is? If not, then you better check this out. Your mattress will start to sag or have lumps over time, especially when it’s about five to seven years old. You’ll also notice that your bed doesn’t feel as comfy as it used to be. Do you wake up feeling sore or get body aches? Well, there’s a mattress that can help cure what ails you.

Relief Queen Memory foam

Back in the 60s, scientists at NASA developed visco-elastic foam to help astronauts withstand the strong G-force when a rocket takes off. Because of its excellent conforming properties, memory foam alleviated and cushioned the various pressure points on an astronaut’s body. Memory foam became so successful that NASA decided to sell the technology to the general public.

Advantages of a memory foam mattress

  • It relieves pressure points and body aches.
  • It helps in proper spine alignment because of its contouring abilities.
  • It doesn’t sag and can hold its shape for many years.
  • It costs less compared to other mattresses.
  • It doesn’t make annoying creaky sounds.
  • No disturbance because it can suppress motion.
  • It doesn’t need a box spring and can be used as a platform bed.
  • No need to flip it, unlike coil/spring mattresses.
  • It doesn’t have nooks and crannies for dust mites to inhabit.
  • A gel memory foam mattress can dissipate heat for a cool night’s sleep.


How much does it cost?

Now here’s the important question. A memory foam mattress can cost you anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500, depending on the size, type, density, among other things. But the good news is you don’t have to break the bank just to enjoy a good night’s sleep. If you do your homework before buying a new mattress, you’ll save more money and get the best value for the dollar. Here are 4 ways you can get a premium quality memory foam mattress at an affordable price:

1. Shop online. Save time and gas money. Look for an online mattress retailer. Check out their customer reviews. Consider your budget and see if the mattress they sell fits your needs. If you buy from a brick-and-mortar store, the mattresses will cost more because they need to maintain profit margins, pay for many operating expenses like rent, advertising, and sales commission.

2. Don’t get swept away by brand names. The mattress industry’s dirty little secret is out. Comparison shopping for a mattress is difficult and confusing because this is how retailers make their profits. Manufacturers sell the same mattresses under different names and designs to make it virtually impossible for customers to get the same bed for a lower price. Instead, you must focus on getting the right comfort and support, which is what a great mattress should be able to give you in the first place.

3. Always look for discounts. Mattress retailers like having sales. You don’t have to wait for Memorial Day or Black Friday to get a good deal. They will always offer customers discounts so you’ll never have to pay full price. Moreover, some retailers will even give you free delivery. So take advantage of that.

4. Choose a lengthy comfort guarantee and warranty. Enjoying an extended comfort guarantee is way better than going to a local store and testing a bed for only 10 to 15 minutes. It won’t be enough to decide if the mattress is suitable for your sleep needs. You also need to consider your sleeping positions because it can have an effect on the level of firmness that you prefer. So being able to try out your mattress for a few months is better than just several minutes.

An excellent mattress is a substantial but valuable investment. If you are unprepared and fail to do research, your mistake can cost you time, money, and a good night’s sleep. So follow the tips listed above and you’ll be rewarded with many nights of healthy sleep.


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Jayson Guerrero

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