ways to sett he mood for love in your bedroom for valentines

9 Ways To Set The Mood For Love In Your Bedroom

ways to sett he mood for love in your bedroom for valentines

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches. On this day, love is celebrated in many romantic ways. Flowers, chocolates, greeting cards are among the most popular gifts for your sweetheart during romantic dinner dates to spice up the mood for romance. Often, this is just a prelude to a more intimate expression of love that happens in your bedroom.

Love nest

Besides being a place for sleeping, your bedroom is the place to nurture a romantic relationship with your partner. Here is where romance and lovemaking take place. Hence, specialists agree that this room should be exclusive for sleep, sex and intimacy.

Preparing your bed for both adequate sleep and sex could be tiresome for some. But failure to do this chore well can result in huge repercussions, especially to the married. To avoid a dry sexual life and insufficient sleep, keeping your bedroom clean is a must. A well-maintained master bedroom exudes the mood for romance and sex. Lack of sex is one of the major reasons for depression as well as marriage problems that lead to divorce.

bedroom for valentinesTo save your marriage and eventually your family, you must continually fan the embers of your love for your spouse or sweetheart. A good way to do this is to make your bedroom as a love nest by doing the following romantic bedroom ideas:

1. Tidy up you bed – Piles of items here and there in your room mess your sex life just as they mess up your mind. Clutter disturbs your brain and lowers your libido. Making your bed and cleaning up your bedroom brings order to your mind and your sex drive.

2. Light up with scented candles – Among the senses, smelling connects to the emotions the most. This is why scents trigger emotions, especially love. Candlelight also adds to the mood, just like during dinners. Dim lighting cues romance.

3. Paint your walls with caramel hue – The color of caramel, not red, is the background color that kindles love. In fact, a study revealed that red douses your sexual drive, while caramel fires it.

4. Fill up your room with mementos – Nostalgia of the sweet events that bind you together strengthens the love that made them happen. Photos, cards, gifts, souvenirs—these tokens of love and affection are tools that cement your relationship and upgrades it further.

5. Make your bedroom sacred – As mentioned above, your bedroom should only be a place for sleep, sex, and intimacy. Don’t “desecrate the sanctity” of this room by making it your extended office, entertainment center or living room.

6. Install lovely curtains – Curtains bring a dreamy effect in your bedroom.

7. Make time for pillow talk – Talking sweet nothings will keep the conversation going between the two of you.

8. Invest in bedroom apparel – Sexy, suggestive clothing will make your partner sizzle in bed.

9. Go to bed together – The mood for love should start from the moment both of you enter the bedroom. Your encounters in bed are the fitting climax of the romance that began before this.

Besides flowers and other expensive treats this Valentine’s Day, the best gift you can give to partner is the experience of love that you share with each other. Sometimes a well-furnished, well-maintained bedroom is all you need to keep your romantic love burning on this day of love and beyond.

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