7 Signs in Your Dreams You Should Never Ignore

7 Signs in Your Dreams You Should Never Ignore

Dreams have been a huge source of fascination for mankind. The question is how do you separate the dreams that show you inner feelings from the ones where just your brain is shuffled? And how much crossover is there to cross cultures when it comes to these midnight visions? Whether these dreams are truth or just a coincidence and a play of mind, here are seven signs in your dreams you should never ignore.

Locked doors

A house is a representation of inner psyche, so try not to give your dream house too many bedrooms, or you’re going to have real trouble getting up. A locked door in your house is a sign that you’re trying to keep something from yourself. A classic work of repression and this is never a good sign because you know you’re not hiding something good.


Thanks to all the gothic fiction, dream birds are always pictured as crows or ravens or some other form of a mysterious black bird. Killing a crow in your dream, for example, shows that you can’t give up a habit. But not all our avian friends are bad signs. Unsurprisingly, a Canary is a sign of happiness and harmony. So if you see a canary killing a crow in your dream, you’re not going to quit the habit, but you’re actually pleased about this.

TV and Radio

These two represent communication, so a dream with a television or radio can be a sign that your unconscious mind is trying to get a message to your conscious mind. If you’re lucid dreaming and in a state where you can control what happens, just talk to the tv or radio and ask what the message is, it could just be a small thing, but you’ll never know, right?


In Hinduism, dreams are seen as the painting of the past, present, and future, so they have many interpretations of their own. One very dangerous one is the eclipse. This is a terrible warning to abandon all hope and turn your back on your friends because you can’t trust anyone anymore. It could also mean that a fatal disease is on it’s way to you.


There’s some symbols that mean a lot in specific cultures. This one is an example of it. The fish is a big thing in Islamic dream interpretation. A sea fish covered in salt is very exciting because you are due lasting riches – since the salt is used for preserving things for a long time. So wake up and get yourself a lottery ticket. And if you dream of eating rotting fish, then delete all your exes phone numbers because it might be a sign that you’re going to cheat on your partner.


This can relate to a few different feelings, but they’re all important ones. The most common meaning involve losing control, whether that’s a bad situation or relationship, you have to think about what’s happening in your life. It can also be a sign that you’ll fail after a big success – like climbing on top of a mountain and then tripping on the summit and tumbling back down again. Since 450 people a year dies falling out of bed, perhaps your mind is just trying to keep you prepared.


With the rise of drone technology, the dream of being able to fly solo would probably be realized in our lifetime. But across every culture, it’s been a huge dream symbol for thousands of years, so why should you not ignore it? Well, unlike most of the others on this list, this one’s a great dream to have – showing confidence, optimism, and freedom. Given that the world can be a gray and depressing place at times, you should harness this positive feeling and see what you can achieve.

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