7 Easy Ways That Will Lengthen Life Of Your Memory Foam Mattress

7 Easy Ways That Will Lengthen Life Of Your Memory Foam Mattress

7 Easy Ways That Will Lengthen Life Of Your Memory Foam Mattress

April is the Financial Literacy Month. Part of being mindful of your finances is to make sure that what you buy will last up to its expected lifespan or even beyond. Mattress, just like anything in this world, has a certain lifespan. Your bed will only provide you comfort and support in a definite time, after which it will no longer deliver as promised.

Quality matters

The bedding mattress where we sleep on affects the quality of our sleep significantly. Many people complain of back muscle pain upon waking up. These inconveniences can also interrupt your sleep that leads to narcolepsy and insomnia, among other problems. A quality mattress relieves your body’s pressure points, leading you to a very relaxing slumber. Inferior brands easily lose the durability of its materials.

Another positive feature that quality mattress has is the length of its lifespan. Quality mattresses can give you the promised benefits for years, unlike the inferior ones. They can have inferior materials that are likely to get damaged sooner than expected.

Memory foam

Among the mattress types available in the market, memory foam garnered the highest ratings for comfort. It also can also provide many benefits to your health and sleep, among them are pain relief, spine support, and comfortable sleep.

Memory foam also has high ratings in terms of lifespan. It can last to 7 years, according to a study by a leading sleep product research group. But according to manufacturers, this figure may extend up to 20 years if used well, showing that this mattress type stands among those with the longest product life.

Extend mattress life

To lengthen the life of your mattress investment, do the following:

Discourage your children to jump on your bed – Your bed is not a playground. Memory foams are sensitive to trauma and pressure. Your mattress can only bear the brunt for some time.

Minimize contact of your pets – Pets bring insects—such as bed bugs—dirt, and other materials that can damage your mattress.

Rotate your bed regularly – Though tagged as “no-turn” mattress, memory foam mattress can still benefit from regular flipping every six months. This move will even out the pressure points on your mattress to extend its life.

Vacuum your mattress regularly – Vacuuming will remove materials that may damage your mattress. Break out your vacuum then run it around on all sides of your mattress.

Use mattress protector – Aside from bedding, mattress protectors provide the first line of defense against dirt and other substances.

Protect your bed from insects – Check if your mattress is infested with bed bugs and other insects. Spray pesticides if you see bed bugs or contact a pest control company with bed bugs control experience if you the infestation gets worse.

Buy sturdy mattress support – Seek for mattress support made of solid materials that give a solid foundation to your mattress. Inferior mattress support will put pressure to your mattress, making it prone to damages.

With regular care and maintenance, memory foam mattresses can last more than its expected lifespan. Always do the tips above to make the most out of the investment you took for getting quality sleep every night.

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