5 Ways to Meditate Yourself to Sleep

How do you meditate to sleep every night? You may think you don’t, but everyone does in some form. Even if it is just laying down and closing your eyes and going to sleep, you are actually meditating by not thinking about anything. Meditating is broad. It is not confusing, but just a fancy way to say it is a form of focus and thinking or no thinking at all!

People who struggle falling asleep go far and beyond looking for answers to achieve the peaceful slumber they used to know. Insomnia is super common. At least 1 in every 3 people experience it off and on. Why so many? Well, for the majority, it is not being able to relax. And, one of the main keys to be able to relax is meditation.

Let’s check out what meditation tactics you can do to help you fall asleep easier.

Body Focus

Some call it physical meditation, but in simple terms, you are focusing on your body when you do this. Lay down, and get comfortable in the position you normally go to sleep, then start by focusing on your breathing.

Lay your hands on your stomach and feel yourself inhale and exhale. Take a few deep breaths before you begin if you like. Then, focus your attention strictly on your breathing, your body, and being present in the moment.

This is all you should be thinking about. You can also count your breaths if it helps you focus. Continue doing this until, well, you wake up the next morning not remembering what made you drift off to sleep so fast! That is the goal!

Material Focus

If body focus meditating does not work for you, then focus on something in the room. Not your TV or phone! These things have bright lights and do the opposite by keeping you awake.
Some good examples are your ceiling fan, mirror, curtains, or your window. This is similar to daydreaming (staring at something, but not even realizing it because you are relaxed and oblivious to what is going on around you). We want to stare at something in your bedroom and do just that!

Getting yourself in this state of mind is a form of meditating that is relaxing. If you want to stare and think about something that is fine, but think about something relaxing or a great memory. More on that in the next method!

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is simply thinking about things you like to do or relaxing memories you have had. It is like having sweet dreams while you are awake. It can also be done by having a guide who talks you through your thoughts. This, of course, isn’t going to happen in your own bed unless your partner is like a psychologist, which would be very rare!

Typical thoughts people think about when they practice this meditation technique is sitting at a cabin by the creek or staring at the sunset on the beach. These examples of course are even better if you have memories of going to these type of places.

The most important focus in doing this is making sure it something that is relaxing or you enjoy. This allows your mind and body to relax and fall asleep.


Probably the oldest trick in the book, but it is meditating. Counting sheep sounds silly to some, but for others it really works.

Add counting with an image of doing something easy takes on even more effect. Example, count down the stairs as you go down. Count down how many days till your vacation. You see the resemblance?

These are counting types of thoughts leading to a relaxing state. Never count up because it is like going up the stairs or ladder. It is more work!

Talking to Yourself or Praying

If you are not religious, talking to yourself is an excellent way to meditate yourself to slumber. Whether you are whispering to yourself or talking in your head, it gets your mind off trying to fall asleep which is the key.

There is a study that individuals who tried to avoid going to sleep fell asleep easier than people who were trying to fall asleep. Crazy, I know, but this is exactly what we are doing. By talking to yourself you are thinking about something else which makes your mind drift away to sleepy land.

If you are religious, you may think praying and working on going to sleep at the same time can’t be a good thing. How would God be happy with that? Well, do you not think God knows what you need? If He knows you are concerned with your sleep, don’t you think He wants you to rest?

And I believe He would prefer you praying to him while you are falling asleep than not do it at all, right? Praying and talking with God is an excellent way to relax and hand over all your stress to Him so you can fall asleep faster.

I try to do it every night. It is amazing how relaxed I get while I’m talking and praying to the one who holds everything in balance. Just that thought alone is relaxing to me!

Meditate Away

There are all sorts of ways to meditate. Most people automatically think of some type of body position, like yoga for example, that you must be in to meditate. That is not the case at all! Yes, some people do meditate while doing yoga and I hear it is a great combo to relieve some serious stress and relax.

Though, Meditation is very broad, as I said in the beginning, and there are many ways to do it. The point of doing it when it comes to sleep, is simply losing yourself so you can fall asleep. By meditating you are focusing on something else instead of focusing on trying to relax, worrying, or trying to make yourself sleepy. It is how I manage to fall asleep every night!

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