4 Ways to Tell if You Lack Sleep

Have you been staying up late more and sleeping less? Well, you’re not doing yourself any favors. If you’re used to being sleep deprived, then it’s more likely that you’re missing the signals your body is telling you. So you better listen up.

Experts say that catching up on your sleep during the weekends isn’t really a good way to pay off your sleep debt. It’s going to take a substantial length of time before you can return to your natural sleep routine. You need to avoid some bad habits and start to rectify them now.

Tired businessman sleeping on a laptop

Tired businessman sleeping on a laptop

Here are four signs you need to sleep more:

1. You still feel hungry, even after eating. Researchers from the German Universities Tubingen and Lubeck and Uppsala University in Sweden say that insufficient sleep can affect how hungry you feel. They attributed sleep deprivation to having an increased appetite. This is caused by the body’s overproduction of ghrelin, a hormone which makes us feel hungry. So the less you sleep, the hungrier you become. That’s going to make your waistline bigger.


2. You’re always “down with the sickness.” A study back in 2009 showed that individuals who sleep less than seven hours per night are more likely to get sick as opposed to those who get eight or more hours of sleep. So, thank your parents for always reminding you to get a good night’s sleep because their advice is based on medical studies. Insufficient sleep increases the risk of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, and other types of illnesses. Even the common cold can easily bring you down if you don’t get enough sleep.


3. You’re not in the mood for “sexy time.” Lack of sleep will definitely lead to little or no sexual activity. Because you’re exhausted, you’d rather sleep than enjoy a night of pleasure with your significant other. Medical experts say that insufficient sleep increases cortisol levels in your body and adversely affects a person’s sex drive. Thus, the stress hormone will keep you less interested in having sex. There goes your libido. Yikes.


4. You’re suffering from a bad case of “butterfingers.” You may find yourself accidentally spilling liquids all over the place, dropping your iPhone multiple times or stubbing your toe on the couch. Ouch. Well, guess what? Lack of sleep is slowing down your reflexes, making you lose focus, and disrupting your balance. According to researchers, sleep deprived people tend to have “slower and less precise motor skills.” The body’s urge to sleep increases and throws off a person’s balance and depth perception.


So here’s the round-up: Sleep deprivation can greatly disrupt your overall well-being, so it pays to heed what your body is telling you.

  • First, your appetite (and weight) increases to compensate for lack of sleep.
  • Second, your body’s natural defenses weaken and you become more susceptible to diseases, even the common cold can take you out of the game.
  • Next, say goodbye to your sex life if you plan to be an insomniac on a long-term basis.
  • Lastly, look forward to inadvertently breaking more stuff and keep buying new ones to replace them because of your newfound clumsiness.


So, for Pete’s sake, do yourself a favor and get a good night’s sleep—right now!

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Jayson Guerrero

Creative Content Manager at Bedding Stock
Jayson Guerrero is the creative content manager of Bedding Stock. He is a sleep evangelist, mattress enthusiast, bedroom design fanatic, and healthy lifestyle advocate.

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