4 Valuable Sleep Lessons From Olympians That You Need To Know

4 Valuable Sleep Lessons From Olympians That You Need To Know

The 2016 Rio Olympics is fast approaching. This August, the whole world will watch thousands of athletes around the world triumph against all odds to bring pride to their respective country.

Olympians are known for their excellent performances in front of a very stressful crowd. These top sports achievers are highly efficient human machines that can accomplish world-record feats. They are also models of superior physical and mental health.

Sleep for best performance

Olympics showcases almost superhuman skills. Their talents are products of years of practice and disciplined living. Their activities and health conditions are usually overseen by top health professionals and sports psychologists. Their practice, diet, workouts, and mental preparations are carefully monitored. Another activity that is regulated is sleep.

World-class athletes need 8-10 hours for peak performance. A well-rested mind is critical for laser-focus concentration required in the performance of their lifetime. Part of their training is to ensure that they have a proper sleep in the night.

Sleep Lessons

Whatever discipline or career you are in, you need to perform as if you are an Olympian about to step on a global stage. To accomplish this feat, we can get some tips on how top athletes sleep as part of their preparation and practice for their match of a lifetime. Here are some pointers we can get from world champions:

Have enough sleep on a consistent basis – Respecting your sleep habit is probably the wisest lesson we can get from Olympians. They religiously sleep for at least 8 hours whether they are in or out of competition, not just months or weeks before the event. They have set a wake and sleep schedule that they ardently and diligently follow daily.

Enhance your sleep environment – For the US Olympics team, the bedrooms of the athletes are critical for their success. The US Olympic committee assigned Mark Rosekind, a sleep specialist, to remodel the rooms at the Olympic Training Center, giving the athletes the best sleeping conditions. He chose the most comfortable mattress, pillows, and bed sheets. The room lighting, sound, and temperature are regulated to the optimal levels for the best sleep.

Clear your mind – To get deep, stress-free sleep, you must prepare your thoughts for this activity by making it blank. Writing a journal and your “to-dos” for the next day, as well as doing mindfulness exercises and meditation is beneficial to your sleep.

Use sleep medicines minimally – Some pills can result in adverse side effects that limit athletes from unleashing their full potential. Instead of taking supplements, sleep experts advise athletes to embrace more natural alternatives. Among them are cutting down coffee and energy drink intake as well as healthy habits, such as reading books at bedtime.

Aside from watching Olympians’ performances in awe, we can also get many lessons from them. Following the sleep tips above, we can get from world-class athletes can help you bring out the best in you during the most important performances in your career and life in general.

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