Health Benefits and Advantages of Memory Foam Mattresses

Health Benefits and Advantages of Memory Foam Mattresses

You might want to consider if you think that memory foam mattress is just for leisure and comfort. The following are the most talked health benefits and advantages of owning a memory foam mattress.

Spine alignment and back support

A memory foam mattress provides support for each part of the body evenly by spreading your weight across the bed’s surface. The mattress shapes to your body’s curves, supporting the lower back and allowing your spine to stay in a neutral position.

For materials like springs, body weight is usually concentrated in the areas that contact the mattress. Typically, shoulders, hips and back bear the force, leading to pain and aches. For both side and back sleepers, this often means the lumbar area is not adequately supported. Muscle tension and lower back pain can occur without critical support. The displacement can also place the upper body at an unnatural position relative to your neck or legs, creating more tension and pain.

Pressure point relief

When you lay down on memory foam, the material adjusts and yields to your shape, rather than forcing you to contour to it – this is one of the core benefits of memory foam beds. Unlike other materials, specifically, the springs, memory foam does not place added upward pressure on the sleeper or push back.

Practically, when a person lays in position for a long time, the pressure of downward pulling gravity and upward resistance in bedding materials might affect blood circulation and damage soft tissues caught in the middle. Memory foam gives you a benefit of pressure relief. This is used
to help prevent pressure muscle aches, sores and minimize pain in sensitive areas.

Any Position can be accommodated

A memory foam mattress can provide you support to any position you like, whether you enjoy sleeping on your back, stomach, or side. Visco foam is specifically designed to mold and cradle every part of your body evenly which enables you to settle into your most comfortable position without pressure points. A wide range of firmness options is available to accommodate different needs.

For back sleepers – like the most of us -memory foam curves of your spine, providing excellent lumbar support and allowing your back to relax. For side sleepers, it works by accommodating hips and shoulders while still supporting your waist to keep your spine even. And for those who love to sleep on their stomach, memory foam helps keep your back in shape and prevent painful pressure points.

Pain relief and pain prevention

The unparalleled combination of pressure point relief and support found in memory foam mattresses works like magic for relieving current pain and preventing pain as well. The majority of people who own a memory foam mattress report reduced pain especially in the back, shoulders, and hips in surveys and reviews. The materials used to make a memory foam mattress is also very efficient for people with a painful condition like arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Superior Durability
One of the core benefits offered by memory foam mattresses is their excellent durability and lifespan. An averaged memory foam mattress lasts around seven years, but with higher quality foams (with higher density in the core and memory foam) it should last eight to ten years. Also, aside from lasting longer, memory foam is considerably less likely to sag compared to innerspring.

Easy to Care For
Regarding upkeep, a memory foam mattress is a fairly low-maintenance commitment. Mattress like these can benefit from rotating a once or twice per year; also from occasional vacuuming, but that is the only maintenance for an average user. There’s no need to think and care for monthly flipping/rotating, no electronic parts to go haywire, and no springs to bust.

Well Fitted for Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds have increased its popularity over the past few years, and memory foam mattresses remain one of their most compatible partners. Memory foams readily flex with the adjustable base and contours to the base’s different positions without compromising durability.

Whether the bed is angled or flat, the nature of memory foam means that sleepers are supported, and pressure points are relieved. Innersprings and other types of beds tend to be less flexible – support and comfort can be compromised in different positions.


If you suffer from allergies, foam mattresses are ideal for you. It limits other allergens like pet dander and mold and from working their way into the mattress.

The materials used are mainly hypoallergenic (good for those with wool, feather, or other fiber allergies). Amerisleep’s plant-based Bio Pure material and certain types of memory foam are low in VCOs, which means they have little to no off gassing. This means that this is good for people sensitive to smells and harsh chemicals.

Dust Mite Control
Dust mites – an unavoidable fact of life. Nearly every home has them, and one place they flourish is the bedroom. It is true that they are mostly harmless. However, they are one of the leading causes of indoor allergies as well.

A regular innerspring mattress may have a content of 100,000 to 10 million dust mites in it! The fluffy thread padding and wide open spaces make it easy for dust mites to cave in, congregate, and collect in a regular mattress.

The solid structure and the type of materials used in memory foam discourage dust mites more efficiently. There simply aren’t as many spots for them to grow and live. Integrating a memory foam mattress with hypo-allergenic mattress covers can help to control and mitigate dust mites in your bedroom.

Twist and turns doesn’t matter
Motion can make a lot of waves in standard mattresses, which can mean disturbed sleep for couples. This problem is specifically for couples with different schedules and for people who are light sleepers.

This is one of the key benefits of a memory foam mattress – the material used on it absorbs motion and isolates rather than transferring it all throughout the mattress. When one person, get out of the bed or rolls over or twists and turns, their partner hasn’t bounced around or jolted out of sleep.

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