The Mysteries of Dreams Good for Mental Stimulation [Part 2]

The Mysteries of Dreams Good for Mental Stimulation [Part 2]

These are the mysteries surrounding dreams that don’t seem to be getting answered anytime soon. It’s just mind- blowing as something we all experience. Something we all have in common can be something that we all overlooked, and cannot fully understand. For me dreaming reassured the belief that our minds and bodies couldn’t be different. Our bodies are simple machines that move us around and allow us to physically do things but our minds and the reality they allow us to see are on a different level.

Why do we have nightmares?

I’m sure you had a nightmare and woken up from it. It can be a terrible a terrifying experience where for the first few minutes, everything that’s happened seemed to real and scary. But why do we have nightmares and what exactly is going on during one? It’s interesting to note that a study over 50% of children under 15 will experience nightmares. Some of which causes them to disrupt theirs continually, and their parents sleep, and there is some idea why this happens.

Children’s nightmares are believed to be heavily influenced by things that have taken place in the day: a scary film, being bullied in school, or distressing event and most children grow out of these nightmares. But for some adults, nightmares still occur on a regular basis, and it’s thought to be caused by such a wide range of things that it’s impossible to find the exact source. For some being stressed can cause them, for others just eating cheese or other heavy foods can cause excessive brain activity and in turn nightmares. Conditions like depression or anxiety can affect excessive rate our likelihood of a nightmare. And studies on some blind people have shown that they have more nightmares, possibly caused by their overly active thinking during the day.

Even if we do not have a definitive answer what a nightmare is or why exactly we have them, it seems our life experiences both past and present do have a strong influence not only on our lives but our dreams. By addressing things that are troubling us in the day will help us prevent potentially terrifying nightmares. What I guess is reassuring to know is that no matter how scary a bad dream may be, it isn’t real and it’s just the same process of a dream except instead of dreaming something interesting you’re faced with something that scares you.

Our dreams might give us insight into our future
We have established that we do not know how or why we dream but what if dreams serve the purpose of giving us insight into our future. This starts to make sense when you find out how many world-changing inventions came from dreams.

For example, Christopher Nolan had the inspiration for the movie inception through his lucid dream.

Larry Page came up with Google; Tesla came up with the alternating current generator.

And how’s about this one; apparently a man was dreaming he was sledding down a very steep hill and went so fast that he reached the speed of light. The stars around him changed in appearance, and a young Albert Einstein woke up, pondered on him dream for many years and came up with the formulation of the theory of relativity.

Stephanie Meyer had that she wrote down upon waking spawned into spawned into her writing Twilight. Much of Stephen King’s work has come from his dreams which when waking he has used as a starting point for his books and many more inventions and ideas all started this way.

This could be down to something innocent like us already having those ideas in our minds that I just brought forward when dreaming. But there are people who suggest when dreaming your mind is transported to another world or universe where these ideas will be planted into our minds. Sounds crazy but there are things we do not understand, dreams being one of them, so anything is possible.

Precognition Dreaming
Dreams are confusing and mysterious enough as it is, but precognition dreaming is a whole another beast. Precognition dreams are when people have dreamt something is going to happen, and it does. This is usually tight dreaming about disasters or other tragic events that have apparently been visioned by someone, or many people before happening. And this is by no means an individual case and happens all the time around the world.

There are many examples of people sharing their own stories of dreams coming true. Most of which are personal events but then there are the ones about major things like the people that say they had dreams days, months, and even years before the 9/11. Almost visualizing exactly what happened on that terrible day in a dream before it did.

David Booth reportedly had many nightmares of an American Airlines plane crash in 1997. He even contacted the company to tell them of his nightmares, but they didn’t believe him. Then that same year, American Airlines Flight 191 crashed in almost the same fashion David had seen in his dreams.

Major Archibald Willingham but a passenger on the Titanic apparently had a dream that it was going to sink even going as far as contacting his lawyer while on board to arrange his will. He was unfortunately killed when the Titanic sank but how did he dream this before it happened?

Probably the most famous is Abraham Lincoln who had a dream on April 12, 1865, that he was walking up to a body in his dream that was covered in funeral vestment. When he asked who it was, a man said: “the president, he was killed by an assassin.” After having this dream told a few people about it before being assassinated three days later.

These are just the most famous examples of people seemingly having prophecies in dreams, and it makes you wonder if the future somehow is pushed onto us while we’re sleeping. Perhaps from another world or higher power. Or maybe our lives are mapped out, and our dreams occasionally allow us to see that.

What do you think?

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Ethan Wright
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